“Build a Beauty Box”


We are super excited to launch

our brand new “Build a Beauty Box” Design!

A first of it’s kind in South Africa and globally!




The Beauty Box team strives to bring the women of South Africa and abroad unique concepts and designs. Listening to our clients and following market trends, we set out to design a one of a kind, stackable drawer unit that can be customized according to every woman’s individual beauty needs.

The concept emphasis on being modular allows our customers the choice to build their organizers as their makeup & beauty collection grows!

All the compartments in our new design is detachable and can be arranged and positioned according to each woman’s preference and requirements!

Whether you own a mascara & lipstick or have a makeup collection that would put the Kardashians to shame, we have you covered!

Each drawer fits perfectly into one another, allowing you to create the ultimate “beauty box” just for you!

3 different drawer sizes with compartments as well as a top box grid system designed to fit various smaller accessory holders that can be placed in any configuration, all sold separately or as a completed set.

Start creating your own personalized Beauty Box!


Top drawer unit with grid system: 30 x 30 x 3 cm:



Price: R549.00

The top drawer unit has a specialized grid system that fits your own unique arrangement of up to 9 accessory items, including brush holders, lipstick holders, skincare product trays and nail polish trays. You can create your own unique combination according to your makeup needs.

The inside drawer holds lip glosses, lipsticks and eye shadows.

Suggested accessory combinations for your Top drawer:

3 Brush holders; 1 Tray; 3 Lipstick holders

-3 Brush holders; 1 Nail polish stand; 1 Lipstick holder; 1 Tray

-6 Lipstick holders; 3 Brush holders


Small Drawer unit: 30 x 30 x 3 cm  (top drawer on Image)


Price: R549.00

The small drawer holds lipsticks, eye shadow palettes and eye pencils or mascaras.

 Medium drawer unit with dividers: 30 x 30 x 6 cm

ysp_copyright2016_thebeautybox_220216_0011 Medium unit with deviders

Price: R599.00 (Excluding dividers) Add dividers for R149.00

This Medium drawer comes with a unique set of dividers, creating 16 separate compartments, ideal to organise smaller items like eye shadow pots, beauty blenders or gel eyeliners.

This drawer is perfect for organising any small items, such as beads or even nail art!

 Large drawer unit: 30 x 30 x 12 cm

ysp_copyright2016_thebeautybox_220216_0002 Large Drawer

Price: R799.00  (add a set of dividers for R149.00)

The large Drawer acts as the base for the overall design and holds a range of larger items, such as spa products, Foundations, large eye shadow palettes and powders. This drawer is also perfect for moms with babies, as it can easily hold nappies and other baby products.


Now choose your own unique combination of Accessories!


 Tray: 10 x 30 x 5.5 cm

Back in stock!

ysp_copyright2016_thebeautybox_220216_0018 Tray

Price: R149.00

The tray is ideal to store Skincare products and perfumes.

 Nail polish stand: 20 x 10 cm

ysp_copyright2016_thebeautybox_220216_0019 nail polish stand

Price: R149.00

The nail polish holder holds up to 12 Nail Polishes. It is also perfect for foundations or to store makeup palettes upright.

 Brush holder: 10 x 10 x 10cm

ysp_copyright2016_thebeautybox_220216_0021 Brush holder

Price: R159.00

The Brush holder has 4 smaller compartments and holds all your makeup brushes and eye or lip pencils.

 Lipstick holder: 10 x 10 x 5 cm


Price: R149.00

New and improved Lipstick Stand that can hold lip glosses too!

Holds 9 lipsticks or lip glosses.

With the purchase of one complete unit, including 1 top drawer, 1 Small drawer, 1 medium drawer and the Large base drawer for R1999.00, add any accessories for R99.00 each.

NEW!! We have added 3 amazing new additions to the “Build a Beauty Box” range, the NEW palette holder and extra large Lipstick holders! These items fit perfectly onto the “Build a Beauty Box” Drawers.

Please click here for the palette holder and here  for the Extra Large Lipstick holders.

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