NEW 4 Drawer Organiser


The NEW 4 Drawer Makeup Organiser is the perfect storage solution for a medium sized makeup collection. This unit also works great for Jewellery!

Out of stock


We are so excited to introduce a stunning new design to our customers!

This is the perfect Organiser for all those makeup lovers out there with limited space and a medium sized makeup collection.

1 x small Top drawer, ideal for lipsticks and pencils (drawer depth 3cm).
2 x medium drawers, perfect for eyeshadow palettes and powders (drawer depth 5.5cm).
1 x Large bottom drawer with glass crystal handle. This drawer is great for storing skincare products, palettes or nail polishes (drawer depth 8cm).
Top 3 drawers includes removable dividers.

Dimensions: 24cm(H) x 25cm(W) x 18cm(L)

Price: 1099.00

(Makeup and contents in images for display purposes only)

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