The Orinigal Beauty Box Mini Organiser plus 1 set of Mini Stackable drawers


The Mini Organiser is one of our most popular designs. With the option to add extra drawers that conveniently clicks onto the Mini Organiser, this design can grow with your makeup collection!

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The Mini Organiser plus 1 set of Mini Stackable drawers

  • Perfectly clicks onto each other to create a single, secure unit.
  • This multi functional unit can store brushes, skincare products, lipsticks, foundation and eye shadow palettes. 
  • Total Dimensions per set: 25.6(L) x 25.5(H) x 15.5(W) cm
    • 1 x large drawer with crystal handle for storage
    • 2 x tier storage space ideal for nail polish, foundations or lipsticks
    • 3 x storage space for Brushes, eye-pencils, lip gloss etc

               Extra Mini Drawers:

    • “Small drawer/lipstick drawer”: 25.6 x 15.5 x 3,5 cm (depth of drawer: 2cm’s)*
    • “Medium Drawer”: 25.6 x 15.5 x 5,5 cm (depth of drawer: 4cm’s)* 

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